The Orthodox Philanthropic Society – Jaffa 

Founded 1879 

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy” Mathew 5-7 

12, Ibn Rushd Str. Jaffa 

POB 41111 

Tel- 972-3-6823304 Fax- 972-3-6820484 


The Society portrait 


-An Arab Christian Orthodox society that serves and represents its community of 4,000 people at various religious and civic events. 

-Legally registered as a volunteer and non-profit organization 

under No. 58-008-229-5. 

-All members are volunteers. 



To raise funds through donations and renting out the community landed property, to allocate the funds to: 

1. Representing the Arab Orthodox community in municipal and governmental offices, supervising and managing the community’s general affairs. 

2. Supporting its schools and its institutes. 

3. Supporting any cultural and social projects of the association. 

4. Giving charity to the poor and needy. 

5. Investing its money in its [the society’s] property and real estate. 

6. Managing, safeguarding and maintaining the community’s possessions such as churches, cemeteries, clubs and community centers. 

7. Supporting and helping needy students and granting scholarships to eligible university students. 

8. Supervising the burial of the dead as befits the circumstances, safeguarding and maintaining the cemetery. 

9. Maintaining the existence and identity of the community as an Arab Christian community within the mixed community in Jaffa. 


The Society’s income comes mostly from the rental of real estate, warehouses and houses surrounding the church, and from donations made by the population of Jaffa. 

The Society doesn’t receive any kind of help or financial support from the government; it relies only on its resources and its various activities in its efforts to achieve its goals. However, those resources are insufficient to reach its various goals. 

Saint George Church, the cemetery, and the Orthodox Club building are part of the Society’s holdings, and as such, they are under the care and responsibility of the Society. 


Committees under the auspices of the Society 

1) Saint George Committee – Jaffa 

2) Orthodox Women Committee- Jaffa 

3) The Orthodox Club- Jaffa 

4) The Orthodox Scouts Club, consisting of 400 memberes headed and guided by young volunteers. 


اقرأ ايضا